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Boarding Training

Starting & Restarting Horses Of All Ages For All Disciplines
"Often people like me compete before we know how to ride, and ride before we understand the horse. This needs to change".-David O'Connor - Olympic gold medalist three day eventing Sydney 2000
"Your horse thinks, feels, makes decisions. Treat him like a friend, not a slave" -Ray Hunt
Our philosophy of training focuses on building a positive experience between horse and rider through partnership rather than fear and intimidation. It uses the principles of natural equine behavior and herd communication to position us, the humans, as the horse's leader.

Using a tested and proven step by step method, horses will learn to become the confident, relaxed and willing partner
S that every rider is looking for.

Our training of the young future competitor or the re-training of the more mature horse is based on those simple but essential principles TRUST - RESPECT/CONTROL - CONNECTION. Regardless of the discipline contemplated. The step by step method we use takes into account the horse basic needs: SAFETY, COMFORT and FOOD. Because we akcnowledge the horse's basic needs to begin with, our method works with any horse.

Ethically, it is unfair and unacceptable to ask a horse to work under stress. The goal is to gain the horse's trust and obtain a courageous horse who is afraid of nothing while he remains highly sensitive. That is the desensitizing work.

The absence of fear does not mean that the horse becomes "heavy", ever. The horse is right awake and not scared. The timing in the desensitization process keeps the horse light to all aids and signals.

Once the basis for TRUST (combined with the introduction of mutual RESPECT) is laid out the work on the CONTROL begins.

All the work on the ground revolves around the four movements: move the hindquarters, move the shoulders, go forward and go backward. The TRUST, CONTROL AND CONNECTION obtained on the ground will translate directly into TRUST CONTROL CONNECTION in the saddle for a horse that is not controlled by its environment but by the relationship with the rider.

TRUST, CONTROL/RESPECT and CONNECTION not only improves safety but they also enhance the performance and pleasure for both parties.

The quality of the relationship can always be improved (do less, obtain more - use a subtle signal instead of an aggressive aid).

In the end, it is not about the technique, it's about the principles. Establish the link between what is between the horse's ears and its hindquarters, use positive reinforcement, let the horse win, become the comfort zone, and work with the horse on three different levels: mental, emotional as well as physical.

Good ground work helps good work in the saddle and good work in the saddle helps good groundwork.

Bridleless Jumping & Ground Work
Young Horse Starting Under Saddle
Sporthorse Foundation Training
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