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Boarding Training
At Granny Fox Farm
An opportunity to learn the horse's language
"Often people like me compete before we know how to ride, and ride before we understand the horse. This needs to change".-David O'Connor - Olympic gold medalist three day eventing Sydney 2000
"Your horse thinks, feels, makes decisions. Treat him like a friend, not a slave" -Ray Hunt
For most of the past centuries, humans have asked horses to learn the human language - oftentimes leading to misunderstanding and sometimes conflict. Recent research proves that if we humans learn to understand the horse's language, we will get far greater results.

Natural horsemanship is a philosophy of training horses that focuses on building a positive experience with the horse through partnership rather than fear and intimidation. It uses the principles of natural equine behavior and herd communication to position us, the humans, as the horse's leader. It is a journey where we put ourselves in the horse's world rather than try to adapt the horse to ours.

Using a tested and proven step by step method, students will learn - through simple hands-on techniques and the help of a competent horseman - to become the leader that every horse is looking for.

Although this method of training has been used at Granny Fox Farm for many years, this unique learning opportunity is now being offered to our students and we are certain that it will change their relationship with horses forever.
"Cara" - 2 years old
Bridleless Jumping & Ground Work
Young Horse Starting Under Saddle