One-hour Private Lesson $75 or $350/ Pkg 5- $650/10 Pkg
Half-hour Private Lesson $45 or $225 - Pkg 5

Natural Horsemanship Lessons $125
Horse Care & Equine Science Lessons $45


Granny Fox Farm has a variety of horses available for half lease and full lease - jumper, dressage and pleasure horses. Leasing is an ideal opportunity to experience horse ownership without purchasing a horse and gives riders a chance to further advance their riding skills. Whether you'd like to compete or simply ride for pleasure, leases can be individually tailored to help you reach your goals.
Lease fees range from $375 - $800 per month; depending on the horse, your needs and your level of commitment.
For additional information please contact Esther: (845) 294-6264 / email: Petitgalop1@aol.com